All About Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Android smartphones include Absolute Bluetooth Volume that enables users to access both the volume of the Bluetooth item they’re connecting to and the Phone volume with single volume control. But, some devices cannot support Absolute Bluetooth volume and cause volume difficulties. Android disable absolute Bluetooth volume setting must get used to addressing the problem. You can learn all there is to know about absolute Bluetooth loudness by following this article.

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume – Developer Settings

Despite Bluetooth being a valuable function, as more devices have migrated away from physical connections, the demand for improved controls has risen in recent years. The Android Absolute Volume feature is useful and provides users with greater volume control while using wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Any Android smartphone does not come with Developer Options by default. The Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume option is tucked away in the Android developer menu. As a result, you must first activate the Developer Options on your smartphone before you can disable the absolute volume. Follow these steps to provide developers a variety of options:

  1. On your Android device, Go to Settings > About Phone and look for your Phone’s Build Number.
  2. Make seven clicks on the build number. The message “You are now a developer!” should now appear.

The second step is to identify and disable the Absolute Volume option after you’ve enabled Developer Options on your Android device.

How To Access Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Setting

Most Android smartphones have Absolute Bluetooth Volume switched on by default. Unless you’ve tampered with the settings, it’s likely already managing the audio of your devices. If you’re using a Bluetooth device, you’ll need to disconnect it before altering these settings.

Once you’ve recently enabled Developer Options, follow these steps to access the Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume setting:

  1. Go to your Android Settings. Then, select Developer Options.
  2. Look for the Disable Absolute Volume option under the Networking section, located at the bottom of the page. Toggle the switch from on to off.

And that’s all there is to it. Your Android smartphone’s volume is now independent of your Bluetooth device’s loudness.

It’s a good thing Android didn’t permanently allow absolute volume control because some Bluetooth devices aren’t compatible with it. Furthermore, individuals sometimes desire more control over their gadgets to increase the volume. Disabling the whole Bluetooth volume on your Android smartphone should be simple enough. As long as the Developer Options are present in the settings, you can do this.

Note: If you need to re-enable the functionality, repeat the process and turn off the Disable absolute volume option.

What Is Meant By Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

The correct explanation may be too complex for ordinary users who do not have a technical or professional background. Let us try to define the concept more precisely.

Absolute Bluetooth Volume enables audio data to get sent to a Bluetooth device. It modifies that data to match the volume and then manages the Bluetooth device’s volume to ensure accurate volume. Although the source device can detect and adjust volume based on changes from the Android smartphone, changes to the source device are also seen in the Android device’s volume controls.

Absolute Bluetooth volume control is being more recognized as a need, not because it’s handy. It’s Because phones have begun to remove the 3.5mm connector. To listen to music, most individuals today have no choice except to use Bluetooth earbuds and headsets. To control the volume on some Bluetooth earbuds, you must click a button many times. While they’re on, this can be inconvenient and even unpleasant to the ears. When your Bluetooth speakers get too loud, you may adjust the Bluetooth volume on your smartphone. You do not need to stroll to your Bluetooth speakers. Take your Phone and turn the sound down.

Getting the Best Volume Control on Your Device

How can you improve the volume performance of your device? The functionality is pretty straightforward to use. After you’ve deactivated Absolute Volume, you’ll be able to max up both volumes on your Bluetooth headset to get the loudest sound possible. The reason is that the volume on the Android device controls the media volume. In contrast, the volume on the Bluetooth Headset controls the playback volume. Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume setting will be a significant hurdle if you want to get more out of your Bluetooth headset.

Why Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume?

Most people say that you shouldn’t deactivate absolute Bluetooth volume control on your smartphone. This feature got launched with Android 8.0 Oreo to provide a uniform and synchronized experience for adjusting your Phone and tablet volume. It is useful when you don’t want to alter the level on your Bluetooth device.

But, because many Bluetooth-capable devices cannot handle Absolute Bluetooth Volume. So, some users may experience audio problems; This occurs when the function is on; That’s why you should disable it.

Is the Android Absolute Volume feature still functional?

Absolute volume tends to malfunction on a variety of devices. If you’re encountering issues, you may use the feedback option on Google’s website to submit your suggestions. When devices connect to a remote audio sink, the Bluetooth stack allows audio codec negotiation between them. The best codec supported by both the transmitter and the sink provides high-quality audio during this exchange. Before being sent to the sink of choice, all audio gets routed via the encoder of choice.


I hope you find this post to be helpful.  Absolute Bluetooth Volume separates the volume on Bluetooth-enabled devices from the Phone’s other functions. If you’re having problems, you can turn it off. Absolute Bluetooth Volume is convenient if your Bluetooth device is capable of handling it. It provides far more audio control than Bluetooth on an Android phone could ever offer. It can even improve audio quality. If you are a tech junkie, please take a minute and explore our website; there are more great content waiting your observation. 

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