Top 8 Games Like Age Of Empires That You Should Play

Are you looking for games like Age of Empires? Since its original debut in 1997 as real-time tactics, the game has securely sat on the throne. It spans the rocky Stone and Iron Ages in North and South America and the harsh colonial period. With only a few competitors, such as Command and Conquer or Starcraft, the Classic Ensemble established an RTS gold standard.

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About the age of Empire

Age of empires involves players that organize their army, manage resources, build their Empire, and fight the opponents to conquer them. The game gives players every liberty to follow their route and determine how to conquer the planet in the game.

If you’re looking for strategic games or you’re just looking for a comparable experience to soak in, you’re the perfect spot. Here’s our selection of 8 exciting Games Like Age Of Empires.

TOP 8 Games Like Age Of Empires

Empire Earth

You’d built Empire Earth if you took AoE’s fundamental mechanical basis and applied the long-term civilization design aims. You start a game in the ancient past, and you may carry it towards the near future as a perfect counterpoint to the Ensemble ghost.

While this could eliminate some of the complexity that Empires had owing to their more concentrated periods, essentially, you are still playing a Civilization game in real-time that makes up for it more than it does. Empire Earth 2 somewhat innovated by dividing the land into pieces you had to control before building on them ultimately.

Age of Mythology

Age of mythology is a classic game of real-time. The game takes place in Atlantis and focuses on the renowned myths and tales of Greece, Egypt, and Norse. The Empire Age is based, nevertheless, on events from history.

The primary focus of the game is on army-building, resources management, and overcoming opponents. The player needs to pick from and play among three cultures: Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. They have a religion and culture of their own. The game allows players to pick the great god based on the Empire chosen.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms has a label of editor choice and has more than 10 million downloads. It is pretty similar to Games Like Age Of Empires. With the Kingdom Rise, one of the 11 civilizations can reign and participate in conflicts. The game offers historic heroes you may utilize to ensure success in your struggle.

There is an alternative to exploring new territory and taking care of your people when you wish to stop fighting. The game offers fantastic playability and an online game that doesn’t need to worry about overheating and a smooth experience if the internet connection is steady.

Empire: Age of Knights

Empire: Knights’ Age is a strategic MMO fantasy game. Players can join armies and take other realms down. They become lords of their medieval town and join wars for alliances to conquer other kingdoms. Destroy enemy castles of strong orcs and dragons, apply the plan to conquer other realms, and expand the city into a beautiful realm. You can demonstrate your strategic talents, enhance the tower’s defence tactics, and trade with traders in other kingdoms.


Other recent RTS games sought to take over Empire Age and arguably one of the best prospects in this Viking-theme offer. In the wake of a new and uncharted area, you are in command of Northgard, one of almost a dozen fantasy Viking clans. You have to develop and tame your community, handle legendary monstrosities and other hostile clans. Their inventions are the indirect control and the winter season you need to plan and prepare to avoid hunger in your town. Every clan plays quite differently, and Shiro Games creator has given it a lot of love and attention over the years.

Surviving the Aftermath

You create a colony as in the Age of Empires; however, the catch here is that in a post-apocalyptic world, you are doing it. This game implies that you have to worry about pollution (this can induce radiation illness), robbers, and what to do with other survivors seeking help, together with the routine administration of food and energy and shelter for your people. You also have to send some of your camp experts to scavenge for uncommon materials beyond your colony and enhance your research skills, which allows you to construct further back on their basis. Early Access is still in the game, and frequent updates are received, but there is still a lot to hook on you today.

Warcraft III – Reforged

Like the Empires Age, Warcraft is one of the most classic RTS games. Warcraft is an international franchise. Players will undertake an epic adventure, selecting any faction and building their base, gathering an army, and recruiting great heroes for a charge. The new game will provide a comprehensive aesthetic revision, a series of modern features and matches, and more.

0 A.D.

Initially, a comprehensive conversion mod for Empire Age 2, 0 A.D. grew into an open-source – and entirely free – historical RTS game which, in its 20-year lifetime, was played by over 100 individuals altogether. It still is being developed on and, even with the forthcoming release of the Empires’ Age IV, it is still a trendy alternative to the Empires’ age I, as it concentrates on 1CE pauses. There is also a deeper system of the economy than in the empire age.

Games like Age of Empires – Final thoughts

On the market, there are not many games comparable to the empire age. Only by getting out and seeing what other games provide can you appreciate the skill and grandeur of this game. We have created these fantastic alternatives to save you from searching and spending your time playing.


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