How To Turn Off PS4 [4 Easy Methods Explained]

When you’re finished playing games on your ps4, it’s best to turn it off.  Not only will this save you energy, but it will also extend the life of your console. A PlayStation 4’s controller is usually the best way to turn it off. However, You may switch off the PlayStation 4 in a variety of ways. This article covers how to turn off PS4 as well as how to put them in Rest Mode.

How To Turn Off Ps4 Using Dualshock 4

If you have your PS4 controller, you can open the PS4 menu and switch off your system from your couch. here are some methods on How to turn off PS4 using a controller:

  • To Turn Off The PS4, Go To The Quick Menu

The quick menu is one of the PS4’s choices, and there’s a button here to turn your console off.

Hold the PlayStation button on the controller down until the Quick Menu appears on the screen. Select  Power using the left analog stick; This will open a submenu with several options—select Turn Off PS4 from the menu.

  • Turning Off a PS4 with the Power Menu

Another option where you may turn your PS4 off is the Power menu; This is how you do it:

First, ensure you’re on the PlayStation 4 home screen. While playing a game or utilizing an application, press the PlayStation button to return to the home screen. Select the Power menu in the upper right corner by moving your joystick upward. On the next page, select Power Options. To turn the PS4 off, choose Turn Off PS4.

  • Putting PS4 Into Rest Mode

You have the option of putting your PS4 into Rest Mode. While in rest mode, a PS4 may download games or updated without consuming a lot of battery life. It also means you’ll be able to resume your work more quickly.

To put your PS4 in rest mode, go to the quick Menu or Power Menu

 and Select “Enter Rest Mode” instead of “Turn Off Ps4”.

How To Turn Off Ps4 Without Dualshock 4

If you don’t have your controller and still want to switch off or put your console into rest mode, you can do so. Follow these steps on How to turn off ps4 without a controller:

Hold the power button down for around 7 seconds, or until you hear two beeps. Hold the power button down after the initial beep until you hear the system beep again. Release the power button after the second beep.

Note: Depending on whatever PS4 model you have, the power button is in a different location. The power button and indicator are located on the left side of the PS4 Slim, next to the disc eject button, as they are on a standard PlayStation 4. The power button and indicator line is at the bottom of the PS4 Pro.

Enabling PS4 Rest Mode without controller

To put your PS4 in sleep mode, press and hold the power button on the console’s front for one or two seconds or until the system beeps once. The power indicator will pulse white and then turn orange when in rest mode.

Enabling auto shutdown on your PS4

Enabling auto shutdown on your PS4 console is a perfect way to save energy. You may customize the shutdown timer to go off at different times based on the activity you’re conducting. To achieve this, navigate to your PS4’s home screen. By pushing up on the D-pad and scrolling to the right, you may access Settings. Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off in Power Save Settings.

Before the PS4 shuts off, you may pick between 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours of idle time. Then you may select between setting separate timings for General and Media Playback. You may choose to shut down after 20 minutes for the General option or not turn it off.

How to Turn off DualShock 4

At the best of times, it’s easy to drain the battery in your PS4’s DualShock 4 controller. When you switch off the PS4, the controller also turns off. However, you may manually switch off your controllers by pushing and holding the PS button for around 10 seconds.

Press and hold the PS button on the controller for around two seconds until the Quick Menu appears. Then select “Sound/Devices” and “Turn Off Device” from the drop-down menu. From the Turn Off Device screen, choose your DualShock 4.

Set a timer for when the controllers will be available. You may change this by using Turn Off. You may select the timer for 10, 30, or 60 minutes or leave it on all the time. You may also choose the amount of idle time before your controller shuts off under the Power Save settings.

Playstation 4 Shutting Off Randomly

When resolving a random reboot issue on your PS4, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A power supply issue is one of the most common causes of the PS4 going off on its own. If there are issues with the power cable or power supply, this problem may arise.
  • Another typical cause of PS4 difficulties like Blue light of death is outdated or faulty system software.
  • The PS4 uses a hard drive to store essential system and game files. If these files aren’t accessible, you’ll most likely run across this issue.
  • When the PS4 console overheats, a thermal switch is triggered, and the console automatically turns off. If your PS4 keeps turning off unexpectedly, you should check to see if the console is defective.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, you now understand several techniques for turning off your PS4 with or without a controller. Despite this, many customers are unaware of how to switch off their PS4 correctly. It is too simple to turn off PS4 safely without harming your files or system. If you’re still having problems on how to turn off ps4, we suggest reaching PlayStation support.


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