Temple Run 2

Run through ancient lands, rework your soul into Associate in Nursing animal’s and facilitate your brood defend the Temple Run from apocalypse! Temple Run 2 could be a free football play that brings you the thrill and excitement of a fantasy super action and outrunning experience! currently, check your reflexes as you race down yellow brick roads. Swipe to show, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, particularly toxic blossom. Collect a lot of coins to shop for a lot of power-ups upgrade your skills to examine however so much you’ll run with this superb game!

Play Temple Run 2 online Game. one in every of several Arcade Games to play online on your applications program for free of charge  Game. Temple Run 2 is additionally a cross-platform game that contends on a mobile, tablet, and laptop. transfer or installation required to play this free game. Hope this game brings a touch of joy into your existence.

Temple Run has set the bar rather high for its successor, Temple Run 2.As is that the case with most productive games, the fundamental premise of Temple Run 2 is that the same because the original: you have Associate in Nursing idol that is been taken from Associate in a Nursing ancient temple, that has furious a very cutthroat monkey WHO needs to induce it back.


So what is changed? Well, the maps are a lot of elaborate – this you’ll tell at once as you zip-line your means into innovative surroundings. However, the fundamental swipe controls stay similar because of the original game.

Zip-lines are not the sole addition to the Temple Run universe though; you may additionally notice revolving, spike-ridden wheels of doom, abrupt geological formation drops, water hazards, and therefore the odd mine train that you’re going to ought to tilt your means through (naturally).

If you found the first game though, it’s unlikely that the sequel can give you an abundant reprieve. As you rack up a lot of points, the pace hastens quickly. mix this with the extra objects that try to kill you throughout the map, and Temple Run 2 could be a difficult game so. that does not mean that it is not casual although, in reality, you currently can burn up your in-game gems to resume from wherever you left off once you die.

After disbursement several months taking part in on the first version of the sport, the new environments ar a breath of recent air, with new components like zip-lines, aboard a variety of latest obstacles like broken rocks and water hazards, creating the sport way more esthetically pleasing than the last one.

When you get bored of your default character, you’ll purchase 3 others with in-game coins. every character has slightly completely different skills, though these are not created too obvious throughout the sport. it might add dimension to the sport if one character was notably stronger, or a lot of agile, than others, so that you’ll select supported however you play the sport, however, because it is, you will not notice a huge quantity of distinction between them.

To keep you coming for a lot of, the sport can set numerous challenges, like “run 500m while not assembling any coins,” that you’ve got to complete to progress your character to consecutive level. This helps to extend your score number, permitting you to induce high scores quickly and build your friend’s jealousy of your insane casual recreation skills. Still, it helps to stay the gameplay recently, as you are aiming for over simply the very best potential score, like each different time you play the sport.


Despite creating Temple Run 2 offered for many devices that are capable of running golem a pair of.1 and higher than, the developers have managed to create the sport look really expert.

I tested the sport on a spread of devices with completely different specs (including Associate in Nursing HTC mortal with a 600MHz CPU and Adreno two hundred GPU) and Temple Run contend swimmingly on all of them. The sport is compatible with each golem device I’ve in hand.

Of course, it’s ne’er reaching to look fantastic on a low-end device once you compare it to a Nexus four or a Galaxy S III, however, it’s positively sleek and quick enough to be playable with no frustration.

In-Game Store

What makes Temple Run such a preferred game, apart from the habit-forming gameplay and visually pleasing graphics, is that the combination of it being free and empty of frustrating ads. Of course, the cash has got to return from somewhere, therefore the developers admit gamers to shop for coins and gems through the in-game store.

What’s nice regarding this model is that if you do not need to pay any cash, you do not have to; you’ll do everything among the sport while not disbursement a dime – it’ll simply take you longer to progress as you play your means through.


With the addition of brand new surroundings containing some fascinating components, additionally, as new obstacles to trip you up, Temple Run 2 remains a visually pleasing title that you’re going to quickly end up memorizing once you have a spare couple of minutes in your day. the varied challenges can keep you coming for a couple of weeks when you have downloaded the sport, and manage to stay a lot of accomplished players on their toes for a moment.

If you are looking for a pleasant, casual time-killer, Temple Run 2 could be a no-brainer. Its somebody remains one in every of the most effective games – free or paid – offered for golem, thus you ought to positively transfer it and take a glance.

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